This event is all about challenging our perspectives on performance improvement in government. Whether it be shattering our beliefs regarding performance appraisals, understanding how to improve the systems of our organizations or learning how to manage guerilla government (when people go underground to create change), you will find the answers at this event. Through a number of authors, thought leaders and government practitioners, we will provide you with an experience that is not only enlightening, but fun and enjoyable. Our number one goal is to help you succeed along your performance improvement journey.

Learning Points

  1. we don't make widgets: overcoming the myths that keep government from radically improving
  2. performance appraisals: why they backfire and what to do instead
  3. the ethics of dissent: managing guerilla government
  4. creating a high performance culture in the public service
  5. leading program performance by asking the right questions
  6. using performance information to drive decision making and improve results

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