Government is under incredible pressure right now.  The economic crisis has hit us with a double whammy: exponential increases in demand and dramatically reduced resources. Government simply doesn’t have the capacity to do all the good we want to do in this world.

How have we responded to these new pressures?  By trotting out the old ideas.  More blue ribbon panels, travel moratoriums and calls for accountability.  We cut back on paper clips and cut out the training. We outsource, upgrade and rightsize.  Meanwhile droves of new customers are stuck on our porch waiting to knock on our door and ask for help.

The house of government doesn’t need another layer of paint or some new carpet it needs an extreme makeover. And just like on the show it needs it done fast!

Our house is full of “moldy ideas” that are making everyone sick and our pipes are bursting from the ever increasing demands.  We can stand around arguing whether the house is too big or costs too much or we can grab some tools and fix it up.  This presentation makes obvious the real problems plaguing government, how you can join the crew and gives you the tools to complete the makeover.

Learning Points

  1. The one and only thing government needs to focus on to get out of this crisis
  2. How government can perform its vital functions 80% faster at less cost with better quality
  3. The DNA of government complexity and how we can genetically modify it
  4. How to spot the “moldy” thinking that is making us all sick
  5. How to get rid of 40% of your agency’s workload
  6. What the next generation of customers and employees are going to do to your operations

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