Looking for a new way to see the work of government? Or a better way to make that work great? Join management expert Ken Miller for a 90-minute web event that explores new ways to increase government’s capacity to do more good. While discussing his latest book, Extreme Government Makeover, Ken will help you see how government processes become so inefficient–and how to start cleaning them up.

This interactive presentation focuses on:

-The one and only thing government needs to focus on to get out of this crisis
-How government can perform its vital functions 80 percent faster, at less cost, with better quality
-How to spot the “moldy” thinking that is making us all sick
-How to get rid of 40 percent of your agency’s workload
-How to find the hidden costs of government
-What the next generation of customers and employees are going to do to your operations
-Why technology isn’t the answer

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Event Details

Extreme Government Makeover: Part I
August 17, 2011
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